Hi, im a

3d motion graphic freelance designer.

Hi, my name is Guillermo, i’m a graphic designer by studies and a 3D / motion graphics designer by stubbornness.

While I was studying Graphic design, I found the idea that I could animate my projects to make them somewhat attractive and effective, then I got the big idea that incorporating 3d into my methodology might give my work some realism and volume… I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, fortunately i’m stubborn and self-taught.

Now i’m trying to incorporate 3D, animation or both in to the design projects I work in. why? I believe that they are the best ways to transmit any idea.

If you need to contact me to send me a message, say hi, ask me something, or even maybe offer me a job, you can do so below, or if you prefer you can follow me on social media or my blog.

Best regards.

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